Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wild boys...!

I've heard of wild boys. Guys that are hard to tempere.
But why tempere the wildness that lays inside of them? That is who they are, and what makes them who they are. Just a strange thought of humans.
That they can change eachother because they think they can. But do you really have the allowance to change some-one just because you think it is better for them to be diffrent?

Isn't that saying that you don't want them to be who they are?
Isn't that telling them they aren't good enough for you in the way they are?
Or is it allowed to change the ones you love in the persons you want them to be?

I find that some things are allowed, as in cleaning up theire own stuff, but not in changing the way they think about things. That is what makes them so diffrent from others.
Which probably made many women fall in love with them.

So don't try to change one... It will never work out the way you want it to work out. As well as it will only be nothing more then a reason to have a fight over.
Just love them the way they are, and accept them, cause making a men change his thoughts or way of thinking, will only mean corrupting him because of your needs.


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