Thursday, February 02, 2006

If I had wings I would fly to you

You can tell the sun as you lay in the fields of gold that I will come one day.
If I had wings I would fly to you.
Just to lay next to you in the fields of gold.
I'll bring faith, when you've got doubt.
I'll bring love, when you've got hatred.
If I had wings I would use them to get to you, just to talk.
It won't be hard, cause I'll be with you these days.
With the wings which love has provided me.

Just trust and believe in yourself, as you are holding the keys.
Know that you have the strenght to carry on.
As you walk through the fields of gold.
Remember me as I visit you, and see me as who I am.
Don't forget about me as you walk through the fields of gold.
Cause my wings will bring me to you.

Wings of love do excist, and does wings can brings us to others, we love and hold dear. But we got to love it, and must try so.
And believe in our wings, cause what can we do when we don't trust or believe in ourselves?
Nothing more then just nothing.

Who will follow the flying bird, showing us our beloved one?


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