Friday, February 17, 2006

Forever doomed within the truth

Forever doomed within the truth of life,
Forever doomed within the hurting truth,
Forever doomed for as long as blood flows through my vains,
No longer doomed as blood flows on the floor.

Forever trapped inside a life that ain't mine,
Forever trapped in seeing the truth for what it is,
Forever trapped within life for as long as blood flows,
No longer trapped in life, as it is slipping through my hands.

Forever will my love be in vain,
Forever will life be nothing more then pain,
Forever will I be hungry for death,
Forever it will be who I am.

And soon it is mine to take,
Soon death will obey my call,
And bring me home,
to where I belong!

Forever trapped in fairy tales,
Forever doomed to find the lies in them,
Forever longing for my love.

As he will the only one to bring me home,
Home to darkness,
Home will be my death.


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