Friday, February 17, 2006

No more, friends, no more.

So this is how it goes? How I am told that you don't know me?
And you blaim me, for not being able to put my feelings into words?
Is this how it goes?

Giving you a change to get to know me, cause you promissed me you would. You even TOLD me you would.
And now, we both find out that you don't know SHIT about me. And you blaim me?

You knew I couldn't use words anymore, as words mean nothing to me. You knew it wasn't about me, but about you.
About finding the truth within. And now you blaim me?
YOU blaim me???

How can you blaim me, if I can only give you the feelings?
Something I did every day, every hour, every time you asked me to...!
How can you blaim me, if I have sent you those feelings, but you never accepted them? How can you blaim me?

I've tried to make it work. I gave you the change to get inside me.
To find my heart, and to see how it is burned and ruined.
I told you how it would be, and I was right.
Do you see it now? That I am forever doomed in knowing the truth?
Even when it hurts...!
Even when it is unacceptable...!
I will always know the truth, as the truth is my life.

There is nothing I can do about it. Nor will I ever try again, as all I've done, is again in vain.

So, I don't want it anymore. I've been hurted too many times...

Let me recover from this pain, and try to find some steady ground to built my place up again.
Don't let it be in vain this time, please don't let it be in vain...

Forever doomed within the truth

Forever doomed within the truth of life,
Forever doomed within the hurting truth,
Forever doomed for as long as blood flows through my vains,
No longer doomed as blood flows on the floor.

Forever trapped inside a life that ain't mine,
Forever trapped in seeing the truth for what it is,
Forever trapped within life for as long as blood flows,
No longer trapped in life, as it is slipping through my hands.

Forever will my love be in vain,
Forever will life be nothing more then pain,
Forever will I be hungry for death,
Forever it will be who I am.

And soon it is mine to take,
Soon death will obey my call,
And bring me home,
to where I belong!

Forever trapped in fairy tales,
Forever doomed to find the lies in them,
Forever longing for my love.

As he will the only one to bring me home,
Home to darkness,
Home will be my death.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wild boys...!

I've heard of wild boys. Guys that are hard to tempere.
But why tempere the wildness that lays inside of them? That is who they are, and what makes them who they are. Just a strange thought of humans.
That they can change eachother because they think they can. But do you really have the allowance to change some-one just because you think it is better for them to be diffrent?

Isn't that saying that you don't want them to be who they are?
Isn't that telling them they aren't good enough for you in the way they are?
Or is it allowed to change the ones you love in the persons you want them to be?

I find that some things are allowed, as in cleaning up theire own stuff, but not in changing the way they think about things. That is what makes them so diffrent from others.
Which probably made many women fall in love with them.

So don't try to change one... It will never work out the way you want it to work out. As well as it will only be nothing more then a reason to have a fight over.
Just love them the way they are, and accept them, cause making a men change his thoughts or way of thinking, will only mean corrupting him because of your needs.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

If I had wings I would fly to you

You can tell the sun as you lay in the fields of gold that I will come one day.
If I had wings I would fly to you.
Just to lay next to you in the fields of gold.
I'll bring faith, when you've got doubt.
I'll bring love, when you've got hatred.
If I had wings I would use them to get to you, just to talk.
It won't be hard, cause I'll be with you these days.
With the wings which love has provided me.

Just trust and believe in yourself, as you are holding the keys.
Know that you have the strenght to carry on.
As you walk through the fields of gold.
Remember me as I visit you, and see me as who I am.
Don't forget about me as you walk through the fields of gold.
Cause my wings will bring me to you.

Wings of love do excist, and does wings can brings us to others, we love and hold dear. But we got to love it, and must try so.
And believe in our wings, cause what can we do when we don't trust or believe in ourselves?
Nothing more then just nothing.

Who will follow the flying bird, showing us our beloved one?