Sunday, January 29, 2006

Running through the streets of my mind

I am running, running as if I am being hunted by some-one or something. In fact I am being hunted. In fact the one hunting here is me now.
In the streets of my mind....

Don't recall all I want to recall, nor am I sure about how I feel. But I know that I am running through my mind. Finding things I don't want to find, still searching for what I want to find.
Strange as it is, I am not slowing down by sleep or anything, cause I keep on running.

I feel like being somewhere else, at a place I don't remember I've been, but still being able to find my way to all the places.

Emotions run through my body as I run into streets I want to stay unknown. Fear, love and hatred are just a few of them, so I keep running to find the street I seek.

What is it that I want to know, what is it which makes me run and feel like this?
Is there going to be a way out?
I guess finding what I am looking for will make it end...

So I'll keep on running....


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