Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ban on words

Maybe, very maybe, it would be an idea to ban words, and to use what we all can use. Our feeling...

Our feeling can help us sort things out, but as long as we don't use words to talk about them, we understand them more then by using words.
How come?

Simply because every one has been taught meanings of words. But every one gives another meaning to the meaning of the word.

For example, good and bad, ain't my thing anymore, cause it is all based on perception.
But for some-one else it means: good = going to heaven, bad = going to hell.
Do you get what I mean?

If we had been taught that killing was a good thing, we were killing eachother while doing good. But now we have been taught that killing is a bad thing. So we condemn every-one who has killed someone.
But we condemn them harder when they have killed someones body, instead of condemning the ones who kill eachothers theire lives. And make them commit suicide....

So maybe, we should ban words, so that we cannot teach others to use them. And maybe then, people will come to realise that good and bad is just perception. Nothing more and nothing less.
Maybe then, a heaven on earth could be realistic......

But for as long we use words, and cannot see that it is all based on perception, we will never be able to understand the ones around us, and we will keep on finding it hard and difficult to live with people with another way of thinking or living.

So, are you with me when I say banning words....?!?


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