Friday, December 30, 2005

Wonderland, it trully is a wonderland.
Snow is falling outside and it just looks wonderfull.

You can hear the wind making it's calls. It is just wonderfull, how a place can change when snow falls down.
It is really making you love live once more.
Cause how can you condemn a live with things like this?
When I look outside, I can see the pictures and paintings in front of me.
It is that pretty :-), that lovely.

(8) When there is hatred, I bring love, (8)
(8) When there is doubt, I bring faith, (8)
Hmmmm, it is just a wonderfull place to be now. Even though it can change within a few seconds. I know.
I've been there before, I've always been depressed around these times, but now, I am not this time.

Somehow it feels like I am born again. Like I've never lived before, but that I am doing that now.
Just seeing it, feeling it, makes me happy already. And yes, it might be for just a few moments, but, IT IS for those moments that I AM happy!!!

Can you see it? Can you feel it?
Can you understand how it is, to feel it again.
Can you understand how it is, to see the birds play in the sky.
To feel the wind playing with your hair, or even feeling like you're chilled to the bone.
Coming home and feel the warmth of a house at your skin.
To warm your hands at a cup of tea.

To feel your nose being frozen, and your cheeks being warmed up because your blood flows to there.

Yes, it are all reasons why most people want to stay home, and to lay in your bed.
Yes it are all reasons why people call me crazy to say that I find it something to fall in love with.

It is just amazing.

I hope you can one day borrow my eyes for some time, and that you can feel it too.

This is why people cannot live among eachother, not that they cannot look through eachothers eyes, but because they cannot accept others to love things they hate.
They cannot understand eachother, because every one is diffrent, but still a human being.

One we should hold close to our hearts and love them.

Sometimes people hurt others, because they don't know what love is, or why they are being loved.

Just be as the swan that moves over the lake, and let the world be the lake you cross.
It ain't easy, but love the moments you can, and hold them dear.
Memories will keep you aware of your path, as well as you are reminded of who you are. Place them always in the right perspective :-).

Love, and be blessed child,



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