Monday, December 19, 2005

Shop till you drop.....

Well, mum and I got out yesterday to find my a suit. So we went to t he stores and started to look around.

After looking for some time for a nice pair of pants and jackets, we came to the conclusion that I either needed to loose some more weight, so that I could fit a smaller pants, or had to gain weight to fit the one seize bigger pants (then the smaller pants).
Cause both didn't fit.

The small one, was just a little bit to smal, and the one seize bigger one, was just too much too big. So, we started to go mad, and looking for clothing for my mum.

That we did find, as well as nice jackets for me. Well, if I had found a nice pant to go along with it, I would have bought it, but hell, that we didn't.

So after shopping in one store for about an hour, we went out and were looking for an other store....
Finally we found another store. One with nice clothing, but NORMALLY (I mean just a few months, or even a year ago) I wouldn't fit those clothing, so, I was already ready for a BIG disapointment.

But anyway, I've learned that by not trying you'll allways be sure about the fact that you won't be able to wear it. So I tried to gain some currage and went looking for clothing I could fit....
And hell, as you probably can imagine, I had found just a few really NICE (and with really nice, I mean something I don't want to hang back in the store) trousers.

No, not a suit or pants, but trousers.
Just a few nice ones. So I tried them on....... Mum came with a few skurts, not the short one, but two large ones. And I tried them all on. It wasn't a big store and so where the places where you could try your clothing on. Nor were the clothing that big ;-).

But I tried them all, and I found out, that even in this store I could come back with great feeling ;-). Cause I FITTED the skurts as well as the trousers.....

Well, after going shopping, I am allways broke, but with a great feeling cause I've found some NICE clothing I trully like.
And that is a rare moment..... So, what is my moral about in this story?

Well, after changing the way I think, I am now working on my looks.
I am changing my looks and trying to be more and more who I am. And that part is looking like it is starting to be alive.

No longer looking like hell, but more and more like the girl I am.

No longer looking in a way that scares most people, but more and more in the way that people don't seem to scare.
And most of all, it is making me feel great.

And even the shoes seem to fit my feet ;-).

So, even the biggest change can be done, as long as YOU want it to be done, you can make it true!!!!
And that will be my moral, cause most of you think that even with the will to change things, you cannot make a change. But trust me, you can.

I am the living prove.....
With only the will and actions, I've made sure that I am haven't been depressed for even more then a year now, and that I am starting to look more and more like a woman.....
Like the woman I am......


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